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Bhagalpuri Cotton Sarees

Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees Online Shopping At Sariya

The finest texture of silk, springing out from the essence of nature, and known as the Queen of all fabrics, Bhagalpuri silk, also known as Tussar silk is very well known for its unique and superior quality. This intrinsic artwork shows the essence of Bhagalpur and its ethnicity.

Four Reasons Why You Should Have Bhagalpuri Silk Saree in Your Wardrobe

Bhagalpur is a small town situated on the banks of the river Ganga in Bihar district. The silk produced in this town is exported globally. Here come 4 reasons, why every girl should own a Bhagalpuri silk saree in her wardrobe. You can buy office wear online and can buy casual sarees online in India from this Bhagalpuri sarees like never before.

The essence of Bhagalpur

Approximately 200 years ago, Bhagalpur was filled with a lot of skilled craftsmen, who were specialized in weaving a special variety of silk yarn, which is reared from Tussar Cocoons. They are weaved into exotic and symbolic designs into a Bhagalpuri saree. The century-old Tussar weaving industry in Bhagalpur has about 30,000 handloom weavers working on 25,000 handlooms. The total annual trade value is 100 crores INR, half of which comes from export trade. Buy these exotic Bhagalpuri silk sarees through online Shopping from Sariya. And also buy colorful sarees online from our other ranges of sarees.

The Congregation of Colors which makes a Bhagalpuri saree unique

The dyeing technique of a Bhagalpuri silk saree is what makes it different from the usual art silk saree. While the earlier designs display very limited patterns such as peacocks, lotuses, and other nature-inspired patterns, a large variety of modern designs is coming up in recent times. Have a look at our tremendous collection of Bhagalpuri designer sarees online shopping in India at Sariya.

Bhagalpuri sarees have been the greatest comeback in history

Since weaving a Bhagalpuri saree is one of the ancient forms of art in India, it started fading after a certain age. After a prolonged period, it came back with a boom. With advances in weaving techniques, colours and attractive prints and designs, this artwork came back with a bang and retained its powerful quality and demand across the world.

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Setting up a Global trend

This fabric has managed to capture the hearts of people across the globe. Countries like London and Paris, which are fashion capitals, have found their interest in this fabric, which has increased its demand worldwide.

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