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    Onam Celebration Special Traditional Sarees and Trendy Dressing Style

    Onam Festival- 10 days Celebration with Kerala Sarees and Cotton Sarees

    Onam is the most important and the biggest festival of the state of Kerala. it is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm all over the Kerala State. Basically this festival falls during the month of Aug-Sep. Onam is a Hindu Festival celebrated in Kerala for a period of ten days. Atham is the first day of this festival and Thiruvonam is the last day of the celebration. During these days People wear new clothes, decorate their houses and put Pookalam in front of their houses. This things use to welcome the King Mahabali. Early morning Special pujas are offered in the most of temples. All younger members take blessings and gifts from the elder members of the family. As you know Kathakalli dance are traditionally associated with this Onam festival.

    When this festival start then major celebration takes place include Kochi, Trivandrum, Thrissur and Kottayam. Most of all the people decorate their ground using flowers. Beautiful patterns and design are made with a variety of flowers, which is use to welcome King. It is also known as Pookalam. Food served on banana leaves, which is a great surprise for the tourists. This festival also includes wearing colorful clothes, local dances, games and most importantly the snake boat races.

    Onam Special Sarees

    The first day of Onam festival people start the day with an early bath and also perform prayers. The floral decorations continue during the 10 day lead up to Onam festival. Pookalam competitions are organized by various organizations in Kerala State. At Thrikkakara Temple main celebration perform 10 days with cultural, music, and dance performances. During this occasion main highlight is the grand pakalpooram on the last day. A lot of cooking takes place during Onam festival, with the grand feast called Ona Sadya. Ona Sadya is served daily at Thrikkakara Temple. Thousands of people attend this feast on the main Onam day.

    Day 1: Atham Special White Saree

    Atham Special White Saree

    Day 2: Chithira Special Skyblue Saree

    Chithira Special Skyblue Saree

    Day 3: Chodi Special Green Saree

    Chodi Special Green Saree

    Day 4: Vishakam Special Orange Saree

    Vishakam Special Orange Saree

    Day 5: Anizham Special Yellow Saree

    Anizham Special Yellow Saree

    Day 6: Thriketa Special Green Saree

    Thriketa Special Green Saree

    Day 7: Moolam Special Grey Saree

    Moolam Special Grey Saree

    Day 8: Pooradam Special Grey and Gold Saree

    Pooradam Special Grey Gold Saree

    Day 9: Uthradom Special Gold Zari and White Saree

    Uthradom Special Gold Zari Saree

    Day 10: Thiruvonam Special White and Green Saree

    Thiruvonam Special White Green Saree

    Happy Onam – Harvest Festival of Kerala

    Happy Onam

    Onam festival is a harvest festival of Kerala state. As you know there is no difference harvest festival celebrated in India country. Northern India it is known as Lohri, Assam it is known as Bhogali Bihu, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar it is called Makar Sankranti, and in Andhra Pradesh it is celebrated as Bhogi. The primary crop harvested in Eastern India is Rice.

    The story about harvest festival of Kerala begins in the land of backwaters. The actual moment is when everyone in the kingdom of the King lived well being and happiness was the key feature of the good land. There was no difference on the basis of caste, class, rich and poor.

    The myth says that people did not lock their doors. If they went out as there were no thieves. However, the growing popularity and acceptance of King Mahabali planted resentment in the minds of Gods. Taking advantage of the king’s nature, Vamana went to the king and asked for a piece of land. The Mahabali King said that Brahmin needed just 3 steps of land. The King granted land to the Brahmin. After that he started growing in cosmic proportions. But when the King understood that he was not an ordinary Brahmin.

    The first step of Lord Vishnu covered the world. He then asked King Mahabali space for him to keep his third foot then Mahabali with folded hands before Vamana. Mahabali asked him to place his last step on his head so that he could keep the guarantee. The Brahmin placed his foot on the head of the Mahabali King, who pushed him to patala. But the King asked for something different before he was killed.  King requested the Lord to allow him to visit his subjects. Malayalees believe that King visit them every Onam and hence celebrate the Harvest festival of Onam.

    Onam Significance and Spectacle in Kerala & Woman’s Sarees

    Onam Significance and Spectacle

    The word Onam is derived from the Sanskrit word Shravanam. Here you can find some features of Onam. The snake boat race is most attractive facet of Onam. A large number of boats decorated called Chundan Vallams participate for the race. The rhythmic rise and the songs and music of the drum are an attraction spectacle. The annual boat race starts in Pathanamthitta district. Athachamayam is a beginning of Onam and is celebrated at Tripunithura. During this festival decorated in capital of Kerala. It is known as Trissur.

    Pulikkali is another performance where the performers painting their bodies yellow with patterns of black and red. Dance also include during this fest. Kummattikali is folk dance performed during Onam festival. Kaikottikali is an elegant clap dance performed on the Onam Festival. Women sing songs and dance around the Pookalam. Thumbi Thullal is also known as folk dance performed by a group of women. During this dance performed Women sit in a circle.

    Onam festival has its own special dressing code like golden-white designer saree. Onam festival women can also wear golden bordered skirt and blouse. As you know Kasavu sarees are the traditional one to get in this way. You can find in this blog how to make a special Onam festival and which Sarees is pretty.

    Golden Should Be the Color for Onam Saree

    Golden Onam Saree

    Onam Festival is celebrated in Kerala State symbolizing as the removal of negative energies from the Earth. Golden is the true color. Golden is used traditional attires to reflect the same.

    Kerala Cotton Saree and Bhagalpuri Silk Saree

    Bhagalpuri Silk Onam Saree

    Cotton and Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees are not only popular in India but it is also famous in USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and Dubai. The fashion experts in Canada and Europe have also been extensive victims of using Bhagalpuri and cotton Sarees for their western and other modern outfits.

    Very Attractive Traditional Kasavu Saree

    kasavu saree

    Kasavu Saree is a handwoven cream colored Saree with gold border. Kerala’s Kasavu emerges as one of the best traditional Sarees which define the beauty of every woman in Kerala. It is a handloom designed material which enhances its charm through the borders soaked in the color of pure gold. This traditional Saree is considered to be the most propitious attire for women in Kerela. It is also known as Kasavu, Kerela Kasavu , and Mundum Nereyathum.