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    The First Selection of Fashionable Women’s Modernity Clothes for Chhath Puja

    The First Selection of Fashionable Women’s Modernity Clothes for Chhath Puja

    Chhath puja Special: Today saree is also the first choice for women. Five to six and a half meter saree wear girl and women. Now the time is to get the work on the saree. Every girl wants to be the work of a saree. Handwork demand is very high in fashion. Kundan work and Pearl work not an issue. Saree is being worn during chhath puja festival in north India. Now a day’s in chhath puja, Georgette and Chiffon sarees demand is also very high. Georgette made from silk. These types of sarees are usually very costly. Georgette colorful sarees are available in almost all latest trendy colors. It is also dyed easily. This can make you look gorgeous. While chiffon is made from Synthetic fibers and Cotton. These sarees are lightweight and also a comfortable fabric for women. You can wear dark color in both types of sarees. Light double color demand is also high for both types of sarees.

    Chhath puja

    Silk Sarees Plays a Unique Role to Celebrate Chhath puja

    Chhath puja yellow saree

    Silk sarees are most popular in both light and dark colors for chhath puja festival. There is negligible demand for silk saree in the plane silk. It is also known as Resham in north india. India is the second largest producer country of silk in the world after china. Non-Indians have a choice bhagalpuri silk saree and chiffon saree. Pastel color and Light color is more demand in addition to silk saree. It fashion never old. Chanderi saree is very famous for its hand-woven sarees. Due to the high demand in middle and high societies it is one of the best known clusters in India. It is made with mix of silk and cotton. As you know saree is the product of second half of twentieth century only.

    Girl’s choice


    Today’s generation changed since the whole world is well aware of the old and new fashion trends. They do not need guidance as well as telling anything. They are very clearly own liking. Salwar kameez is also most popular as well saree during chhath puja. It can be worn by both women and men. It is also known as Anarkali Suit. A salwar kameez can be simple and comfortable. There are two major components of any salwar kameez. First one is tapered pants and second one is shirt. Many women also wear dupatta. Salwar kameez is a traditional dress which is used by various people. It is also appraise as an alternative to saree as it is easier to run and walk while wearing a salwar kameez when you compared to a sari. Salwar kameez is a graceful outfit can be worn by anyone on any occasion.

    Today’s women are even more alert in terms of fitting

    A saree is never complete without some jewellery. It is also never complete without accessories. It is important to make sure that these accessories are not overdone. Suppose you wear simply one piece of jewellery that suits your saree. Whenever you wear saree then forget the matching bangles, bindi and earrings so that you won’t look like a Bollywood actress of a 1950 movie. As you know contrast is the key. The most important thing is that your accessories suit you more than just matching your saree.

    Get Latest Fashion Trends

    Today in the world fashion is not only for just Hollywood celebrities. It is not also for runway models.  But it is also for common people. People browse online about the latest fashion trends across the world. Most Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities are the ones who start the trends for women. The latest fashion trending styles for women are also created by the ace Indian Fashion Designers. As we know it may not be possible to buy all the magazines and other book that publish every month. We cannot know what’s happening on the current fashion trends. Thus here, in this women’s fashion blog, we will cover all the topics about new fashion trends. Newspapers, Television, internet, and all other communication used to changing fashion trends.

    Chhath Puja Special Ethnic Wear

    As we know, fashion changes with every season of every year. Fashion in India placed itself on the map. The traditional and Designer salwar kameez to churidars is the semi formal way of wearing in Indian Fashion style. You can see everything like color and texture in India. Clothing has always played a big role in Indian fashion trend. Gifting and receiving clothes are an integral part of any wedding or festival. The material helps to deciding your appearance. Various types of fabrics suit different body types. Overweight women should avoid wearing stiff cotton sarees but slim women will look beautiful in such a saree.

    Designer sarees brings out the beauty in any woman. The best part is that sarees are ideal for every season. You can wear saree in wedding or any other function. Suppose if you select the right saree you will not only be able to hide your bodily flaws, but it will also increase your beauty. Selecting the right saree will also improve your personality and also your confidence. Saree border can also add to your looks. Sariya online clothing shoping sites also allow you these days to buy chhath puja special lace bordered saree . Second choice is that you can also buy from stores.

    The Hindu Festival Chhath Puja – Prosperity and Progress

    After celebrating the brother and sister love and duty, it is now time for the four day fasting festival Chhath Puja. The word Chhath can be broken down into two parts. Chah meaning 6 stages and Hath meaning hath yoga. It means obtaining solar energy from the sun through six stages. Chhath Puja can also be called the festival of penance and prayers. People worship the rising sun and setting sun. The devotee’s house and he/she must be clean enough to perform the Puja. This Festival is performed in order to thank Sun for sustaining life on earth. The Sun is the most important source of energy for life.

    Chhath Puja celebrated in Indian states of Bihar, Jharkhand, and eastern Uttar Pradesh. It is also called Dala Chhath. It is falls in the month of October or maybe November. Every year central division of Janakpurdham decided date for this festival. Mainly Chhath Puja is celebrated two times a year. First Chhath Puja celebrated during summers while Second Chhath Puja celebrated during winter. As you know Sun is the only lord who is directly visible to us. The setting of sun and raising the sun both play important role in maintaining the cycle of life. Married women also prayed for the prosperity of their families during this occasion. During Chhath Puja Thousands of devotees gathered to Hathi Ghat, Shyam Ghat, Yamuna Ghat and also Soor Ghat.

    Here is a story why we celebrate this festival. A long year ago, there was a king Priyavrat and his wife Malini. King and his wife were living very happily but there was a big unhappiness in their life. Main problem was that they have no child. King decided to make a big Yagya by the help of Maharishi Kashyap. His wife Malini became pregnant because of the effect of Yagya. After nine months she had given birth to a dead child. King decided to suicide. Suddenly, there came a Khashti Goddess in front of him while suicide. Khashti Goddess said that, if someone would offer puja to me with soul and pure mind, he would definitely get a child. Priyavrat got a very beautiful and cute child. That’s why the people started celebrating this Festival.

    Celebration with Rituals and Traditions

    Chhath Puja is a festival of rituals and Traditions. This ritual and traditions is usually carried on every year in the northern states of India. It is a festival of penance and prayers. This festival is special because it is symbolic of death and rebirth. This is a personal celebration. Therefore does not require a priest. That means it should not be thought that following the rituals of Chhath Puja is easy. The four days of Chhath are celebrated with forgiveness and compassion.

    Chhath Puja is a very joyous and colorful festival. During this season people dress up in their best clothes. Devotional folk songs perform both at home and on the banks of river Ganges. Millions of people gather at the banks of river Ganges in Capital of Bihar to celebrate Puja. The streets clean by volunteers and also decorate all the streets leading to the river. Prasad used during this festival which is includes sweets and fruit kept in small baskets.

    Colors are changes with different cultures and countries. As you know colors plays an important role. The females wear sarees of yellow color and offer puja on the river bank of ganga. Yellow color saree presents optimism and light. All shades of yellow make you feel happier. This color is perfect for Chhath Puja. It is also associated with inspiration and intelligence.

    The food should be vegetarian and it is cooked without salt and garlic. Once a family starts performing Puja, it is continued annually by the following generations. Suppose if you unable to perform the Puja for personal reasons, it is recommended that one should assist someone else who is performing the Chhath Puja by providing funds and also prasad. This year the festival is going to be celebrated on 6th November 2016. During the four days of Puja, devotees worship Lord Surya.

    Nahay Khay

    On the first day of the Chhath Puja, devotees bring water from river Ganga. It is the festival of bathing and worshipping. Then prepare food of bottle gourd and boiled rice at devotees home. It’s a one kind of preparation and purification for Chhath Puja. The devotees take only single meal on this day. Red is considered a favorable color in the Hindu tradition. It is not compulsory for women to wear traditional saree in this color. The importance of this festival is reflected in the glory of the sarees. Women can also choose to wear silk sarees.

    Lohanda and Kharna

    Second day of Chhath festival is known as Kharna. Women’s observe a fast for the whole day. Fast ends in the evening. That means a little after sunset. After the worship of Sun and moon, the offerings of rice delicacy. Puris and bananas are distributed among family. The Vratins go on a fast without water for 36 hours after 2nd day evening prashad.

    Sandhya Arghya

    Third day of Chhath Puja spent preparing the prasad at home. On the evening of third day, the entire household goes along with the devotees to a riverbank. The devotees offer prayers to the just setting sun. The event is almost a celebration. Friends and family receive the blessings of the worshipper. The folk songs sung on the evening of Chhath Puja festival.

    Usha Arghya

    The Last day of Chhath festival is known as usha arghya. The devotees go to the riverbank before sunrise. Chhath ends with the breaking of the fast. Relatives and Friends visit the houses of the devotees to receive the prashad. The main worshipers are usually women. Large number of men also observes this festival. Once a family starts perform Chhath Puja. You can skip this festival if something wrong happens like death in the family. Kheer, Thekua and fruit offered in small bamboo soop winnows.